Website Designer • Content Developer • Graphics & Photography • Located in Seattle • Putting Your Vision on the Web and other places.

I've been creating and hosting affordable, well-designed websites in Seattle since 1996. I call it "3Hats" because I wear more than one; in addition to websites I do graphic design, photography, slide show presentations, original music, book design and other creative projects. — Marlin Greene

Current standards-based website development — each page hand-coded to be beautiful, usable, and search engine friendly. I do everything from database-driven sites to small business brochure sites. I can provide content editing tools for clients who want them. My web coding toolkit includes PHP, Javascript, MySql, CSS and HTML.

The mobile phones and pads are not going away. Responsive design means a web page will rearrange to look good on mobile devices as well as a desktop computer. Creating uncluttered and attractive web pages for large screens and small screens is the goal.
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